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Dorothy M. Wallace COPE Center South (Dual Enrollment CTE Programs)

This dual enrollment program is available for students at Miami Southridge Senior High. The program allows students an opportunity to enroll in a career technical education program while attending high school, at no cost, which gives students the advantage of entering the workforce soon after graduating. Students may also continue their postsecondary training at any of our technical colleges and save on tuition while completing their certification or licensure.


Early Childhood Education

Our program is designed to prepare students for employment as a Child Care Worker, Preschool Teacher Aide, and Preschool Teacher. The content of this program includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Laws and regulations governing childcare
  • Principles of child development (birth through age 8)
  • Methods of guidance, communication, and observation
  • Professionalism, interpersonal relationship skills and intercommunication with family
  • Development and implementation of lesson plans
  • Management techniques for preschoolers

Upon completion of this program and meeting all requirements, students are awarded the Early Childhood Professional Certificate (ECPC).




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